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Organizzation was made by like minded induviduals that disliked paying $400 for a speaker or $90 for a crappy pair of earbuds here at organizzation we find high quality trusted products that are unbranded so you dont have to pay for the name just the product!

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  • Love it! The design is really great!!!! I wanted something simple, not sparkly for my car, and this is just perfect!! - Johnathan

  • My favorite new cup! I actually got this for my husband but have borrowed it a ton too! He loves it to keep his cans cool in style, but I love it for my coffee! The design is amazing and it serves so many purposes. It's small and compact, which is awesome for traveling. -Yvonne

  • Got this holder to store all my disposable face masks in. Each time I go out I always have a face mask available to just pull out and use whenever I need it. I like that it is zippered also. -Sara

  • Saw on Instagram an add about this product, bought one, has been delivered faster than thought and it works great. Even my mother who has cervical pain it helped her to relieve her pain. Recommend store and product. -Kat

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Portable Speakers

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Organizing the industry

  • What we strive for

    Customer satisfaction and timleyness is what we strive for if you dont like the product you can return it for free

  • Free returns

    We want to make sure you are happy with your product so if you want to make a return contact us and we will send you all the supplies you need to return your item

  • Shipping

    We proivde top notch shipping and handling expect your product dilivered in 3-5 days

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    If you like our product please leave a review your feedback is very important to us